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Peter Boy

Peter Boy Design was established in 1992. In the beginning the company delivered products only to the Danish market. During the years the demand has increased and today Peter Boy Design ApS sells its product to most of Europe and the US.

The company is founded by Peter Boy who is 43 years old and is a self-taught designer. The philosophy behind Peter Boy's designs is the function and distinction from other products. His designs can today be found in exclusive designer shops.

Magazine rack for wall mounting

This is the classic Peter Boy Magazine Rack that now has been sold world wide for many years.This Magazine rack is perfect for private home or office. You can use it for magazine, newspaper or brochure.
You can get the rack in 5 sizes

Brushed stainless steel, black* or white*

Height: from 25 cm - 139 cm
Width: from 20 cm - 105 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Throughout 20 years the magazine rack from Peter Boy Design has been utilized as the safe solution for storing magazines and newspapers in offices, waiting rooms, private homes and elsewhere. Among others the Deutsche Bank’s main offices in New York as well as Danish embassies across the globe have used this magazine rack over the years. Till now the magazine rack has been manufactured in brushed stainless steel version solely, but in the anniversary year of 2012 it is introduced in a black and a white version.