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MPIU is a dynamic and innovative company, which boasts more than half a century of experience in the sector of office chairs and overstuffed forniture .

The constant and profitable collaboration with successful designers permits to project and produce comfortable chairs, technologically on the cutting edge and in respect of the modern ergonomics.

With the established experience and ability of our workers, every items is developed internally according to the current EU directives

The presence at this prestigious event is the result of the trade agreement with ILPO Spa, company of trade reference that will manage the promotion and distribution of MPIU products in some international markets. There will be presented innovative and comfortable chairs for working , netsurfing or relaxing moments, designed for a young, dynamic and unconventional target.

Thanks to its attention to evolution and ever-changing of market needs, MPIU’ has recently developed 4 news products families, in respect of its philosophy about comfort and quality: VELA JOLLY, ERGO and SH, created for satisfy all the demands for sober, comfortable and economical items, always keeping an high standard quality.